Make up blog for 09/22/15: How to use infographics in the classroom?

Make up blog for 09/22/15

How to use infographics in the classroom?

In a technological advanced society and trying to keep your students’ attention; how can teachers incorporate the two to better teach your students? Piktochart (Infographics) is one way to do both while saving money on materials to make projects. One way you can use Piktochart is in math class, students can collect data on a certain topic and make graphs using Piktochart to make sure that they fully understand how to take data and make a graphs with the information they collected. They can then display their information to the class and share their results. (Natalija, S., 2014.)

Teachers can also use Piktochart to display rules as a constant reminder to the students of their expected behavior in class and what they supposed to do in class while there are working. (Gonzalo, 2015). This can be helpful to teachers so they can show the infographic and teach the expected behaviors and once the behavior are taught, the teacher does not need to constantly remind the students of what they are supposed to do, they just point to the infographic and they should get back to work. After what, the students can start self-correct themselves because they have a reference to look at.

Compare and contrast strategy is another way to use infographics. They can take the information that they learned and make compare and contrast charts to they can learn about data gathering and to find what is similar and different with various topics. (Gonzalo, 2015.) This is a fun and creative way to make a Venn diagrams and to display their information instead of on paper.

Timelines are another way to use infographics by collecting a vase amount of information and having the information in one confined space where it is easy to read and a great resource. This will help students to remember a large amount of information in one area that is very easy to read and is visually appealing. This is great for visual learners because they visualize the events in order and have a better understanding of how all these events happen and when they happened, which will help them understand why they took place.

Making syllabuses with infographics is a wonderful for teachers to make class information eye catching to students and giving them information using “words short and to the point.” (Gonzalo, 2015) This is important because nobody wants to read a lengthy document that has a lot of unnecessary information. Using an infographic as a syllabus is great idea because it will “help generate excitement about the course and inform students of what they expect both visually and verbally.” (Gonzalo, 2015.)

I believe that infographics will not only grab the attention of students but parents as well. We live in a busy society and in order to keep parents involved with their kids and what is going on in the classroom, we need to give them just the facts in a confined space that is eye appealing and also can be sent and saved electronically so they are easily accessible and hard to lose. Teachers can make infographics flyers with upcoming important events and messages presentable and make the information more exciting so the families will want to participate and want to contribute to the class and be more involved in their child’s educational career. I believe having information presentation in a user friendly way, parents will be more willing to assistant their children with their school work. Having parents working with their children on their school work will not only improve their child’s grades, but the families will increase the families’ relationships as well.


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